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City of Talent Oregon / Businesses in Talent

Businesses in Talent

Are you looking to relocate?  Want to start a business? Then Talent is the place you want to be!!

Here is what some of the new businesses are saying:

“Our experience with working in the City of Talent over the course of our company’s 35 year history has been outstanding. We’ve come to know that we can always expect fair and reasonable consideration of our projects with an open-minded approach from city officials  and the general public.  We’ve seen our clients consistently welcomed with attitudes that rightly balance the needs of business as well as the beauty and history of the community.”
~Jason Stranberg
Adroit Construction Co., INC.


"Talent, Oregon is a great place to bring your business in Southern Oregon.  The City of Talent was receptive to our light manufacturing operation and exceptionally cooperative in helping us establish our facility. The local pride in the clean environment and neighborly atmosphere mean that Talent will be a place we will proudly bring our customers, suppliers, and partners to for years to come." 
~Craig Bramscher  
Brammo, Inc.