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City of Talent Oregon / West Valley View Road Project

West Valley View Road Project

Project Timeline
The West Valley View Road Reprofile is a series of projects identified in the City of Talent’s Transportation System Plan. The City secured funding for the project in 2018 and was preparing to move forward with construction in September 2020, when the Almeda Fire hit. The project was put on hold until the City could review the impact of the project on emergency evacuations.

On October 6, 2021, City Council decided to move forward with the project and requested that staff look for opportunities to improve emergency vehicle access while retaining the project’s bike and pedestrian safety improvements. After working in coordination with Fire Services and Police Services, staff proposed redesigning the project to maintain the same number of evacuation lanes by making the bike lanes passable by emergency vehicles. On January 5, 2022, City Council approved the redesign and, on March 2, 2022, Council selected a construction contractor.

The contractor began work in June 2022 and expects to complete the project by late August 2022, road striping is expected to be compete in early September 2022. 

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Project Purpose
The West Valley View Road Reprofile is a large-scale transportation project that addresses three distinct projects identified in the City of Talent’s Transportation System Plan:
·Project 1 – Restripe W Valley View roadway to three lanes with buffered bike lanes and address bike lane transition at OR 99.
·Project 15 – Add hardscaping (landscaped islands and/or raised barrier) in bike lane buffers.
·Project 19 – Create a mid-block crossing with pedestrian activated device where the future Wagener Creek Greenway Trail is expected.

These three projects are intended to:
·Improve the safety of all roadway users (vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. A center refuge lane better protects cars who are turning into or out of the various driveways along W Valley View Road; protected (hardscaped) bike lanes more effectively separate bikes and pedestrians from vehicle traffic and provide a shorted distance where they are exposed to traffic when crossing the street.

·Better protect Bear Creek from stormwater runoff. The hardscaped bike lane buffers are bioswales: they will help collect and process stormwater runoff, better protecting Bear Creek. The added benefit is that the water needs to maintain the plants within the bioswales will be significantly lower compared to if they were just landscape beds.
  • Bioswales 
    • Stormwater will flow into the catch basins located along the curb of West Valley View and then via an underground pipe into the stormwater swales. This will be the case for all but the longest, most downstream swale, which we call swale 9. Swale 9 will receive runoff from an adjacent catch basin and also from three curb cuts along the roadside. View more bioswale renderings here

·Better connect residential areas with commercial areas. The addition of a pedestrian crosswalk connects residential development on the south side of W Valley View Road with commercial services to the north. The crosswalk is also part of a future project connecting a Wagner Creek pedestrian pathway to the Bear Creek Greenway, further increasing the flow of people to out commercial areas.

·Maintain emergency evacuation routes. In the redesign, the bike lanes are now drivable. In the event of an emergency, emergency vehicles will be able to use the bike lanes and/or the bike lanes can be used as an additional traffic lane to aid in evacuation.

Project Funding
The City of Talent, Oregon Department of Transportation, Rogue Valley Sewer Services, Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Talent Urban Renewal Agency have contributed funds for this project.

Project Status
Construction is currently underway. The construction contractor expects to complete the project by the end of August 2022 with road striping expected to be complete in early September 2022. (delayed from earlier anticipated end date of July 15th due to supply chain issues).


Download File
W Valley View Road Engineering Plans.pdf


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