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City of Talent Oregon / Public Works / Water Reservoir Construction Project

Water Reservoir Construction Project

Talent Reservoir Construction Project

Mapstorage tank

In preparation for future water storage needs, the City contracted with Brown and Caldwell to complete a tank siting study in 2007. At that time, Brown and Caldwell evaluated the recommended site and found the site suitable for the construction of a new reservoir. The City began negotiations with the property owner in 2007, and purchased the property in 2008. The City received Jackson County Planning Land use approval in August of 2010 and again in 2018. The City currently owns the site and is approved for the planned usage by the governing authority. 

Potential City Benefits
  • Additional 500,000 gallons of stored water
  • The New Tank will be built with current seismic resilient standards
  • Improved hydraulic modeling for the water distribution system
  • Provide the option to take the failing tank off line and avoid emergency water system interruptions
Project Timeline
Structural engineer assessment of Belmont reservoir shows Tank repair or replacement is needed

Application for funding submitted to Infrastructure Finance Authority and approved design and engineering 

Pilot Rock construction awarded Phase 1 contract for piping to reservoir site.

Project Phase 1 complete. Tank design and engineering complete and put out for proposal

Project Phase 2 awarded to Skaar construction for Tank to be built. Construction begins with 12 months allowed for completion.


Total project cost to be $4,639,000

 For questions about this project please email Bret Marshall at bmarshall@cityoftalent.org.