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City of Talent Oregon / Living in Talent

Living in Talent

Talent is located in Oregon's beautiful Rogue River Valley, just off Interstate 5. We are located seven miles south of Medford and four miles north of Ashland, in Jackson County. Click here, for map.

Temperatures vary from 20 to 65 degrees in winter, with occasional fog and snow. Summer temperatures are 65 to 110 degrees, with cool nights. 

Between 2002-2006 Talent experienced a period of residential and commercial growth. New subdivisions and apartment complexes were built.  During this growth period, housing prices increased making it more difficult for lower income working families to become home owners.  While several other developments have been approved, construction has slowed down since 2007.  It is expected that this will turn around but not in the near future.  Housing prices are also stabilizing.

The Urban Renewal Agency and the Historical Society meet regularly to discuss ideas for further development, refurbishment of the town, and historical preservation.

History of Talent

The story of Talent begins in 1852 with the arrival of the first recorded settler, Jacob Wagner. Jacob completed his homestead in 1853 and named his settlement "Wagner."

In 1854, the military came from Yreka and set up a fort on Jacob's property. The fort was named "Fort Wagner," and was intended to protect the travelers and early settlers from the Indians who had lived in the Bear Creek Valley for many years. There was never any trouble from the Indians, so Fort Wagner became a center for social activities and religious services.

There is controversy as to the first name of our town. Some say it was "Wagner Creek Fort." Others say "Wagner Creek." Regardless, in 1889, A.P. Talent platted a townsite and named it "Talent." On November 2, 1910, Talent became an incorporated town. On November 2, 2010 it celebrated its Centennial!

Public Service Directory

City Hall (Office & Water Account Info)
  • Phone (541) 535-1566
  • Fax: (541) 535-7423
  • Planning: (541) 535-7401
  • Court/Citations/Fines: (541) 535-9371
  • Public Works (541) 535-3828
Public Safety (Emergency - 911)
  • Jackson County Fire District No. 5: (541) 535-4222
  • Police Department: (541) 535-1253
  • Southern Oregon Regional Communications: (541) 776-7206
  • Impounds: (541) 535-1253
Schools (Phoenix/Talent District)
  • Talent Elementary: (541) 535-1531
  • Talent Middle School: (541) 535-1552
  • Phoenix High School: (541) 535-1526 www.phoenix.k12.or.us
Library (Jackson County Library Center)
  • 105 I Street
  • (541) 535-4163
Post Office
  • 153 E. Wagner Street
  • 1-800-275-8777
Sewer (Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVS))
  • 138 W. Vilas Road, Central Point
  • (541) 779-4144
  • www.rvss.us
Cable TV (Charter Cable)
  • 1-866-731-5420
Electricity (Pacific Power)
  • 1-888-221-7070
Irrigation (Talent Irrigation District)
  • 104 W. Valley View
  • (541) 535-1529
Garbage/Recycling (Recology Ashland Sanitary Service)

Natural Gas (Avista Natural Gas)

  • 1-800-227-9187
Telephone (Century Link)
Talent Historical Society
  • 206 E. Main Street
  • (541) 512-8838
Animal Control
  • Jackson County
    5595 S. Pacific Hwy, Phoenix
  • Enforcement: (541) 774-6655
  • Shelter: (541) 774-6654
Friends of the Animal Shelter