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City of Talent Oregon / Community Development / Building


The City of Talent Building Department is responsible for the regulation of all new, altered, and existing buildings within the city. This process includes residential and commercial plan review, field inspections, and administration. The basic purpose is to assure public safety by verifying compliance with City ordinances and state and national codes. 

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To schedule an inspection visit www.buildingpermits.oregon.gov or call 1-888-299-2821.  When calling for an inspection, use the IVR Number located on your permit.  

Online Building Permits

Oregon e-Permitting
     NOW AVAILABLE – Buy Permits Online
    Contractors doing work in the City of Talent can obtain non-plan review, residential electrical,     plumbing, and mechanical permits online using the State's ePermitting                             

2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code 

Determination of Permit Procedure
There are four types of permit/decision-making procedures: Type I, II, III, and IV. Each Type requires a specific permit review process. If you are unsure which Type Procedure your permit will require, please view the code section here

Building Permits and Plan Submittals
  1. Submit three (3) sets of building plans along with all necessary building permit applications. Plans can be submitted from 10:00am to 12:00pm, Monday through Friday. The Building Clerk at the City of Talent is available to help you with this process. 
  2. If you are in the floodplain, you will need to submit a floodplain application and a valid elevation certificate. ​If you are unsure, please contact the Planning Department before submitting plans.
  3. Some permit applications take less time, some take more. At any stage of review you may receive notice that supplemental information or corrections are required.
  4. You will be called when your permits is ready to be issued.
  5. Pick up your permit(s) and pay all fees (including SDCs if applicable).
  6. Permits are issued from 10:00am to 12:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Type 1 Intake Checklist
Encroachment Permit
Building Review
Structural Permit
Electrical Permit
High-Efficiency Lighting
Mechanical Permit
Moisture Content
Plumbing Permit
Storm Drain Protection Permit  (Less than 1 Acre)
Storm Drain Protection Permit (1 Acre or Greater)

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
Right-of-way Excavation Permit
Miscellaneous Construction Permit
Manufactured Dwelling
Property Owner Responsibilities Form

Building in the Floodplain

Building Permit Fees
The City collects building permit fees, system development charges and may require right-of-way, land use, or sewer and water permits. The City collects a school excise tax for Phoenix-Talent School District on new single family dwellings and commercial construction.

Structural Permit Fee Schedule 
Valuation Table
Construction Excise Tax Exemption
Construction Excise Tax Fees (effective 6/25/2015)