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City of Talent Oregon / News

Talent Gets Organized!

Together for Talent and the City of Talent are pleased that Recycle Roundup Day will be back on Saturday, September 23, after several years’ absence. This event allows people to safely dispose of and even recycle numerous items taking up space in closets, garages, and storage spaces.
Old electronic devices, worn furniture, outdated camping gear, broken appliances (no freon), leftover building or plumbing materials, metals, batteries, light bulbs, clothing, household, and numerous other items (no garden refuse) will be picked up by a number of organizations able to give these discards a second life.
The City is looking for volunteers to help on the day, between 8 a.m. and 5:15.  They will work a 3-hour shift, providing information and keeping vehicles moving through the City of Talent parking lot as soon as they have unloaded. There will be some lifting for those who feel able to do it, though no one person will be asked to lift anything over 25 pounds.
Whether volunteering or not, please come to the Recycle Roundup event on Saturday, September 23!  Bring all your discarded items for responsible disposal and recycling. 
Here's to a clean and well-organized Talent!