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City of Talent Oregon / Commissions & Committees

Commissions & Committees

Learn more about our Committees & Commissions!

There are a number of City committees and commissions that are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of City Council. Each has its own requirements regarding the number of members and the specific task they take on to serve the community. If you wish to volunteer, joining a committee or commission is a great way to start!
Below is a list of committees and commissions here at the City of Talent. To find the most up-to-date information on meetings, follow the link to the desired committee or commission or contact the committee or committee chair. To serve on any committee or commission, download an application and return it to the City Recorder at cityrecorder@cityoftalent.org.

Parks & Recreation Commission

Description: This is a seven-person commission, with each person serving a two-year term. The commission advises the City Council on planning and improvements to City parks and provides oversight to the City’s Summer Recreation Programs. Members are active in raising community awareness of use of City parks and the importance of participation in recreational activities.

Visit our Parks & Recreation Commission page here

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. - currently meets via Zoom

Contact: Commission Chair Charley Cross, parkscommission@cityoftalent.org

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

Description: The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee is an appointed citizen body with the primary responsibility of providing recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on matters involving the development of affordable housing programs to be funded by the City share of the Affordable Housing Construction Excise Tax. 

Membership is to be comprised representatives from the following groups: Tenant or affordable housing organizations, local realtors, affordable housing operators or developers, members of the local construction or development community, and local lending institutions.  A majority of the members are required to be residents of the City.  

Visit our Affordable Housing Advisory Committee page here

Meetings: committee not currently meeting or active.

Contact: City Recorder at 541-535-1566 x6 or email at cityrecorder@cityoftalent.org.

Planning Commission

Description: The Planning Commission is made up of 7 commissioners each serving a 4-year term.  The Commission is responsible for community planning and development review related to all land use issues as specified in City Codes and State law. They meets once a month or more as needed. Members participate in the development of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Land Division Codes.

Visit our Planning Commission page here

Meetings: 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. - Town Hall
 (206 E. Main Street)

Contact: Commission Chair Derek Volkart, planningcommission@cityoftalent.org

Urban Forestry Committee

Description: The Urban Forestry Committee is an appointed citizen body with the primary responsibility of providing recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on direction, planning and policy on matters pertaining to Tree City USA activities, tree planting care and establishment, and protection of public street trees.  

Visit our Urban Forestry Committee page here
Meetings: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month at 6:30 p.m. - Community Center (104 E. Main Street)

Contact: Committee Chair Derek Volkart, urbanforestry@cityoftalent.org

Economic Development Commission

Description: This is a seven-person commission, with each person serving a four-year term. The Economic Development Commission provides recommendations to the City Council on how to support and encourage: the retention and expansion of existing business that align with Talent’s other community development goals; a favorable environment to attract and maintain new businesses; and the development of commercial and industrial land, with preference in all cases for businesses that improve livability and/or bring jobs with wages above the Jackson County average to Talent. In support of these goals, the Commission will maintain active communication with Talent's business community to stay informed of opportunities and to be responsive to the business community's current and future needs.

Visit our Economic Development Commission page here

Meetings: This commission is welcoming applications! To apply, download an application and submit the completed form to the City Recorder via email (cityrecorder@cityoftalent.org) or in-person at City Hall. 


Traffic Safety & Transportation Commission

 Description: The Commission includes City Council members, three city staff and three citizen representatives.  Appointed citizens serve a three year term. The Commission meets once every two months or as required and reviews traffic safety issues as related to public safety within the community. The Traffic Safety & Transportation Commission is responsible for making traffic control decisions regarding public safety and addressing issues raised by City Council or citizens.

Visit our Traffic Safety & Transportation Commission page here. 

Meetings: This commission is welcoming applications! To apply, download an application and submit the completed form to the City Recorder via email (cityrecorder@cityoftalent.org) or in-person at City Hall. 

Public Art Committee 

Description: As advocates, the Talent Public Arts Committee (TPAC) supports, promotes, and develops public art in Talent by advising city council in the matters pertaining to public arts. TPAC will connect the community to creativity through arts education, public installations, programs, and performances.

Visit out Talent Public Art Committee page here

Meetings: 1st Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. - currently meets via Zoom

Contact: Committee Chair Donna Ruiz, publicarts@cityoftalent.org

Together For Talent Committee

Description: Interested in becoming a Talenteer?  Each term is 2 years. This is a great Committee to be involved in if you have a passion for trees, trails, forums and want to help make Talent an even better place to live and work.

To learn more about Together for Talent Committee, click here

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. - currently meets via Zoom

Contact: Committee Chair Charles Roome, togetherfortalent@cityoftalent.org

Harvest Festival Committee

Description: Looking for motivated, enthusiastic committee members to help create an event that was even better than the last.  

To read more about our Harvest Festival Committee, please click here

Meetings: Meets monthly beginning in January and twice a month or more as we get closer to the event. 

Contact: Community Engagement Director Hector Flores, hflores@cityoftalent.org.

Architectural Review Committee

Description: The Architectural Review Committee advises City staff on Design Review criteria for the Historic District in Talent.  Reviews development applications for new or renovation projects in the Old Town area.  The Committee's main goal is to assure compatibility with the defining characteristics of the surrounding area and to preserve the integrity of existing neighborhoods or to support a unifying theme for a particular development or area in order to spur economic growth.

To read more about our Architectural Review Committee, click here
Meetings: ​meetings scheduled as necessary before Planning Commission meetings.

Contact: Community Development Director Kristen Maze, kmaze@cityoftalent.org

Budget Committee

Description: State law requires that the City have a balance of elected and appointed representatives to this committee.  The Budget Committee is an advisory group. The Committee’s work is done primarily in April and May each year. Talent’s fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30. Members serve a 3-year term.
Visit our Budget Committee page here

Meetings: meetings scheduled in May before City Council meetings at Town Hall (206 E. Main St.)
Contact: Finance Director Tessa DeLine, tdeline@cityoftalent.org