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News from the Mayor

Letter from the Mayor regarding the Talent Business Leaders Reception in 2015

2015 Talent Business Leaders Reception Summary

Adopted Council Goals for 2016-2017

The process for the Council Goals for 2016-2017 has begun.  The first Study Session was held on January
13th. Click here for the Audio.  You can also find information on the Mayor and Council webpage as well as the City's homepage. 

There was a Council Goal Setting Meeting on January 27th.  Below is the audio.

Goal Setting 1/27 Part 1

Goal Setting 1/27 Part 2

Draft Goals

For more information you can call City Recorder Erin Zelinka at 541-535-1566 or

The 2017 State of the City 

The 2016 State of the City 

Addendum to the State of the City 2016 - Accomplishments

State of the City 2015

Commission/Committee Appointment Policy

City of Talent Goals 2015-2016

Talent Community Center Energy Efficient