City of Talent Oregon / Ordinances


The Municipal Code is a project in progress.  Due to this being a very timely project, Ordinances that are most frequently asked about will be posted on this page.  For other City Ordinances, click this link: CITY ORDINANCES  A current list is being worked on.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the City Recorder, Gabriella Ciprazo at (541)-535-1566 or


Public Parks

Ordinance #286, An Ordinance providing for rules and regulations of Public Parks - Defining and punishing certain offenses against the public general welfare.  

Grass, Weeds, etc.
Ordinance # 716, an Ordinance prohibiting the uncontrolled growth of grass, weeds or other vegetation causing fire hazards and other public nuisance - providing for abatement thereof and assessment of the cost thereof - prescribing penalties for failure to comply.

Fire Prevention Code
Ordinance # 805, An Ordinance to adopt an Oregon Fire Code describing regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire or explosions and defining powers and duties. 

Ordinance #749, An Ordinance defining nuisances, providing for their abatement, and providing penalties.
Water Supply & Cross Connections
Ordinance # 649, An Ordinance Regulating water supply cross connections and protecting the water supply of the City from contamination due to cross connections and declaring an emergency.


Water Regulations and Rates

Ordinance #878, An Ordinance Repealing #750, providing rules and regulations for the water system of the City of Talent.

Water Fee Schedule
Ordinance #831, An Ordinance establishing a fee schedule as provided in Ordinance #750

Water Meters In Mobile Home Parks
Ordinance #467, An Ordinance establishing rules and regulations for the installation of water meters in mobile home parks.

Water Curtailment Plan
Ordinance # 742, An Ordinance adopting a water curtailment plan for the City of Talent.

Public Rights of Way Regulation
Ordinance # 620, An Ordinance regulating public rights of way within the City of Talent

Regulating Water Supply Cross Connections
Ordinance # 649, An Ordinance regulating water supply cross connections and protecting the water supply

Storm Drain Utility
Ordinance # 769, An Ordinance establishing a storm drain utility

Storm Drain Protection
Ordinance # 801, An Ordinance protecting the City of Talent's storm drain utility system

Transportation Utility Fees
Ordinance # 829, An Ordinance establishing transportation utility fees


Temporary Structures
Ordinance #408, An Ordinance provided for temporary structures

State Building Specialty Codes
Ordinance #798, State Building Specialty Codes


Sidewalk Repairs

Ordinance # 519, An Ordinance placing responsibility for sidewalk repairs

Improvement and Assessment Procedures
Ordinance # 668, An Ordinance relating to procedures for local improvement districts