City of Talent Oregon / Municipal Court / Drivers License Suspension

Drivers License Suspension

Driver’s License Suspension Clearances

When a ticket is cleared, the court will stamp and date the Notice of Court Action as being cleared. It is the responsibility of the defendant to take this release to an Oregon DMV office and to pay any reinstatement fee required by the DMV to reinstate your driver’s license.

Collection Agencies

Citations with unpaid fines and fees may be referred to a collection agency. If a citation has not been resolved in a timely manner, the court may refer the ticket to a collection agency for all further action. When this happens, the court can still schedule any court appearances, accept payments or process any correspondence related to the ticket. Once the case is referred to a collection agency, additional costs WILL be added.

Impounded Vehicles

Talent City Ordinance #543 Section 66 permits the impounding of motor vehicles. A vehicle may be removed by a police officer without prior notice and taken to a garage, parking lot, or other suitable storage place and held there until the owner or an authorized agent files an application for redemption. A vehicle may be removed when:

  1. The vehicle is illegally parked on a public street in a traffic lane where parking is prohibited to designated classes of vehicles or periods of time, or at any time when the vehicle interferes with the intended use of such traffic lane; or
  2. The vehicle was in possession of a person taken into custody by a police officer and no other reasonable disposition of the vehicle was available; or
  3. A police officer reasonably believes the vehicle operator does not possess a valid operator’s license and/or:
    • Is driving uninsured; OR
    • Has been arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.
  4. A vehicle impounded pursuant to this section shall be held at the expense of the owner or person entitled to possession of the vehicle. Personnel, equipment and facilities of the city or private tow companies may be used for the removal and storage of the vehicle.


A vehicle which has been impounded under this ordinance may be released to the registered owner or legal owner, if different, or to the person operating the vehicle at the time of impound if:

  1. A. The owner or driver of the vehicle has paid all of the accrued towing and storage costs, unless otherwise ordered by the hearings officer; and
  2. The owner of the vehicle has paid a $100.00 administrative fee to the City and has provided proof of insurance for the impounded vehcile and proof of registration in the owner’s name and
  3. The Police Department has released its hold, if any, on the vehicle.
  4. Person intending to drive the vehicle must show proof of a valid drivers license.