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City of Talent Development Codes

Welcome to the City of Talent’s Development Code Online. You may select from the list of Chapters within Title 8 of the General Ordinances of the City of Talent. Simply click on a Title to open the entire document.

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Development Regulations
8-1 Comprehensive Plan (amended 9/19/18, effective 10/19/18)  ​
8-2 Subdivision Code (amended 2/17/16, effective 3/18/16)
8-3 Zoning Code (amended 6/20/18, effective 7/20/18)​
8-5 Flood Damage Prevention
8-6 Urban Renewal Plan
8-7 Prohibition on Excavation of New Streets
8-8 UGB Amendment and Master-Planned Development
Storm Drainage Design Standards

Master Planning Documents  
2015 Transportation System Plan (adopted 8/19/2015, effective ​9/18/2015)
2008-2013 Capital Improvement Plan
Greenways Master Plan 
Talent Parks Master Plan (amended 11-20-2013)
Wagner Creek Greenway Connection Plan (adopted 6/20/07)
West Valley View Master Plan (adopted 9/06)
Railroad District Master Plan (adopted 2/7/07)
Stormwater Master Plan
2001 Strategic Plan (adopted 12/19/2001)

Regional Problem Solving (RPS) Plan (adopted 7/25/12, effective 9/23/12)
Regional Plan Element – Volume 1
Regional Plan Element – Volume 2
Regional Plan Atlas – Volume 3
Regional Problem Solving (RPS) Plan – Links to Jackson County Development Services ​

Miscellaneous Documents
2014 Standard Details (amended 6/18/14)

Housing Needs Analysis (adopted 5/17/17)
Economic Opportunities Analysis (adopted 9/7/17)
Interstate Area Management Plan (IAMP) Exit 21 (3/16/16)

Historic Preservation
Building Right
Rehab Oregon Right
Historic Context Statement
Survey of Historic and Cultural Resources
Old Town Design Standards
Large Retail Design Standards
Historic Preservation Standards



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