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Almeda Fire Resources

City of Talent
Almeda Fire Resources
Last updated September 18, 2020

Fire Debris and Disposal Information
Dry Creek Landfill and Rogue Transfer and Recycling Fire Debris Disposal Information
Remediation of propery destroyed or damaged by wildfire can be dangerous and should be approached with caution.  The area should be deemed safe by state and local authorities prior to clean-up activities.  For more information and how to follow procedures for specific debris types, read this release from Dry Creek and Rogue Disposal and Transfer Station/Construction and Demolition Debris page.  

Emergency Resource VIRTUAL Fair
Saturday, September 19th at 2:00pm
Register Online or 
Learn from local experts how to prepare and be sage in different emergency situations!  Hosted live online by Jackson County Library.  Register to receive a free go-bag!  Topics include Pet Safety and Evacuation, First Aid, Earthquakes, Fire, and Emergency Checklists.  

Talent Evacuation Zones Downgraded
UPDATE 9/17/20 1:00 p.m.:
Source:  Jackson County Emergency Management 

An area of Talent has been reopened for residents as evacuation levels in that area are downgraded.

The following areas are downgraded by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department from Level 3 “Go” to Level 2 “Be Set”. This allows residents to return to their homes in the following areas (see map).  RESIDENTS MUST HAVE PROOF OF RESIDENCY TO ENTER THESE AREAS.

  • Properties on Poppy Way, Clearview and Winter Sage
  • The Anjou Club apartments and those townhouses just to the north of the Anjou apartments.

Access into these areas will be limited only from the west to the following streets:

  • Colver Road to Suncrest Road
  • Talent Ave. to West Main to West Valley View Road.

September 16, 2020 1:30 p.m.
Contact: Fray Crease, City Recorder
The City of Talent, Oregon announced at 1:30 p.m. today that the boil water advisory that has been in effect since last week has now been lifted. Residents should open water taps and flush water through potable water systems for approximately 10 minutes before starting to use water again for drinking and personal use. The flush requirement DOES NOT apply to irrigations systems or water systems not designed for personal use.
During the events of the Almeda fire that began on September 8, the City of Talent water system was depressurized due to a loss of power.  As a precaution, on September 10, the City released a boil water advisory to limit health risks caused by harmful bacteria that may have been present in the water supply while service was disrupted. Staff has been working to restore normal pressures in the system. 
The system has now been flushed and fully pressurized.  Repeated test results all show no bacteria or other harmful chemicals are present and the public is no longer advised to boil water. We continue to be under low water conditions until fall/winter rains returns. Please conserve and use water wisely.

Talent Public Works staff have shut off the water to all of the homes in the burned areas.  Final water bills will be mailed in early October.  If you have a change of or updated mailing address, please email your new mailing address to 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - links to a helpful document updated regularly by community volunteers.

Fire and Disaster Assistance Information

City of Talent Fire News – Reviewed or updated daily with City specific fire news.

Jackson County Emergency Services – News, evacuation maps, shelter information and resources. 

Jackson County Evacuations and Road Closures

Jackson County Essential Services (bilingual)

Escorts into Almeda Fire Zones – escorts by the Jackson County Almeda Fire Command Post are being scheduled on a daily basis starting at 8:00am to provide families an opportunity to retrieve essential items; call 541-613-5194. 

For general information regarding the disaster please call 541-776-7338.

Rogue Valley Preparedness and Recovery Hub - a comprehensive site of wildfire and community updates for Jackson and Josephine Counties.  

FEMA Disaster Assistance Registration - Or call the hotline available 7 days a week (800) 621-3362

News from Oregon State Representative Pam Marsh
 – Oregon House District 5, Southern Jackson County.

State of Oregon Wildfire Resources – Current conditions and County by County news.  
Air Quality

State of Oregon Air Quality TodayA daily index of air quality that reports how clean the air is and provides information on potential health risks.

State of Oregon DEQ Air Quality Interactive Map – Map-based air quality conditions for main Oregon cities.
Utilities and Services

Fire Debris and Disposal Information 

Transfer Station/Construction and Demolition Debris

Avista Letter to Almeda Fire Victims

Pacific Power Press Releases

City of Talent Drinking Water Advisory

Recology Services

Rogue Valley Sewer Services Plan for Sewer and Stormwater Services

Fire Cleanup and Debris Management

How to Safely Manage Ash and Debris from Burned Buildings – information from the Department of Environmental Quality on how to cleanup following the fires, along with helpful safety information when returning to survey property.

Hazardous Waste/Toxics Reduction Policy – from the Department of Environmental Quality that clarifies the requirements for management of building demolition waste. 
Business Resources

SBA press release announcing relief for businesses affected by fire from the federal Small Business Administration in English and Spanish

Talent Almeda Fire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Access a Read Only Version of FAQs.
When can I return to my home in Talent?
The Almeda-Obenchain Evacuation Map is an important safety tool. Look at it carefully before deciding to return to Talent.  Please monitor the City of Talent's website.  

Where can I find/offer a room to rent in Talent?
Seeking Housing Form / Buscando Vivienda Fomulario
If you have been displaced because of local fires and are in need of temporary housing please fill out this form.  We will work to match those providing temporary housing to an individual or family that has lost housing due to the fires.  If you have any questions reach out to     

Mail delivery resumed September 16, 2020 in Talent.
Is the water from by faucet safe to drink?
As of September16, 2020, the boil water advisory for the City of Talent has been lifted.  For more information, see the press release.
If my home has been destroyed do I need to contact the power company?
See Pacific Power’s website for information on power in Talent.  Customers should contact Pacific Power's care center at 1-888-221-7070 24/7 if their power is out due to damage or if their home has been destroyed.  Teams are ready to assist customers in closing or suspending their account or assisting them with other service or billing questions.  
Where is the best place to get news updates for Talent?
Talent Wildfire News on the City of Talent website, and the notice board located at Wagner Plaza (corner of Main Street and Talent Avenue).
How can I contact the police if I need them?
Police department phone lines are back in service. They can be reached at 541-535-1253. This line will only be answered during regular business hours. For after hours contact, call dispatch at 541-776-7206.

Oregon is officially a disaster area and able to receive FEMA assistance.  How do I apply?
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden's office supplied this information from FEMA - First contact your insurance agency, then register on the FEMA website at and select APPLY.  Here is a link to their FAQs: and FEMA Individual Assistance Program Fact Sheet.

Is the air unhealthy to breathe?

Monitor air quality sites and follow recommendations.  Generally, stay indoors in a room with a HEPA filter running if possible. If you must be outside, wear a N95 or P100 mask. Avoid exercise if possible.

Remember that N95 masks work only if they are properly fitted.  See the CDC recommendations for fitting a N95 mask.  

This EPA Wildfire Smoke Fact Sheet indicates that N95 or P100 masks be worn. Some donated N95 masks are available at the hubs at Wagner Plaza and 385 Blackberry Court.
Are there resources for filing insurance claims, finding a counselor, finding shelter and essentials in Talent?
For immediate assistance, go to Jackson County for information and community resources.

There are reports from the Jackson County Expo that case workers are available to assist at the Expo grounds.

La Clinica is a health care provider assisting low-income families.  They have a mobile unit that also tends to house unhoused populations.  They will be at the Jackson County Expo and shelters for the next few days.

The Mobile Health Center is at the fire evacuation center at the Jackson County Expo from 9-4 today, September 16 and again on Friday, September 18.  It offers drop-in medical care, mental health support, and help signing up for Oregon Health Plan.  On Thursday, September 17, the Mobile Health Center will be at the Medford Gospel Mission in the morning and the Kelly Shelter in the afternoon.

If my home burned, will I still pay property tax?

Contact the Jackson County Tax Assessor's office.  The rolls are confirmed in October of each year.  Homes that were destryoed will not automatically be removed from the tax rolls.  Contact them to discuss proration of annual property taxes. 

I feel overwhelmed.  Is there someone I can talk to for emotional support?

Contact the Rogue Valley Emotional Wellness Hotline, a hotline for anyone in the Southern Oregon area experiencing grief and loss associated with the recent fires.    

I don’t have an internet connection. How can I get news updates?
At Wagner Plaza, at the corner of Main Street and Talent Avenue. This location is a distribution center and communications hub for now, staffed by volunteer community members.
I have no food/clothing/water/essentials. Is there a hub I can go to in Talent?
Wagner Plaza, at the corner of Main Street and Talent Avenue (location of Talent Maker City and The Grotto).

Someone I care for is missing. Who can help?
If you are missing family or a loved one, here is a form you can fill out. You may also call 911 to report a missing person. This forms will help Jackson County Sheriff’s Department to reunite loved ones.
Is Recology picking up trash and recycling on the regular schedule?

Recology is setting out 5 additional dumpsters in the undamaged areas for household waste only. No yard waste or debris. Only spoiled perishable food.  
These are the locations:

  • Market Street by the museum
  • Schoolhouse Road by the school
  • Charles Roberts Park, Talent Avenue by the police station
  • Kamerin Springs Park on Lithia Way
  • Willow Springs, Senior Assisted Living, 300 Suncrest Road
NON-TOXIC HOUSEHOLD WASTE ONLY, NO ELECTRONICS, NO FIRE DAMAGE DEBRIS. Burned areas are considered a crime scene and no debris should be removed.
I would like to donate cash or items for the citizens of Talent. What is the best way to do this?
Bring donations directly to the distribution center at Wagner Plaza, corner of Main and Talent Avenue, Talent.
  • Propane
  • Camp Stoves
  • Batteries
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes
  • N95 Masks
  • Baby Formula
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Adult and Baby Diapers (all sizes)
  • Blankets/Sleeping Bags
  • Pet food
  • Toilet paper
  • First aid supplies
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Grocery bags
  • Coolers
  • Duct tape
  • Bleach spray
  • Contractor bags
  • Sponges for peoples' fridges
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bottled water
  • Gift cards (Ashland and Medford), especially hardware stores
  • Meal cards (Ashland and Medford)

Lots of people and organizations are helping. Who is doing what?
The City staff is focusing on our highest priorities: our health and safety. Community members and organizations are assisting with all other needs. If you would like to help the community volunteers, contact

Why are we told to leave debris on site instead of beginning to clean it up? 

From Sheriff Sickler about the crime scene designation and situation.  As of Tuesday, September 15:  

If the fires were intentionally set (human, not nature caused), the entire area from Ashland to S. Medford is a crime scene.  All scenes must be documented/investigated for evidence and possible deceased bodies.  It is difficult but imperative to protect the integrity of each scene.  If people are let in too soon, there is a concern of disturbing evidence or looting, or being exposed to hazardous or dangerous conditions.  If structures are standing but on the cusp of a scene still in Level 3 (red zone) it may be a while before the area is cleared.  The sheriff hopes this is soon.  County and other jurisdiction detectives are investigation.  FEMA's urban search and rescue team is also on the scene.  

The fire department needs to release each area for safety/habitability, and HAZMAT issues are in play also.  Many factors are being weighed and analyzed to protect residents.  More areas are being opened up every day.  At some point the County will release the scene back to the Talent PD for a determination of when and how to let residents back in to inhabit homes on the cusp.  Sheriff Sickler and everyone involved is working very hard to investigate thoroughly and is mindful of resident urgency to return home.  Please be patient, it might be a week or two or more depending on the area.

Will I be able to vote? How will I get my ballot?
If you have a temporary address, you can make sure your ballot is sent there by going online. Go to and click on My Vote to update your voter's registration.  (This is the Oregon Secretary of State's website.) 

You can leave your physical address as the address of your home (even if it was lost in the fire) but update your mailing address.  So, if your home was destroyed in Phoenix or Talent, but you are staying with friends or family in Ashland, you can leave your voting registration as living and voting in Phoenix or Talent, but update or put in a mailing address.
This is VERY IMPORTANT because ballots are NOT forwarded.  

If you don’t have a temporary mailing address, you can get your ballot at the alternate post office.

If for some reason, you do not receive a ballot, you can request a provisional ballot at the
Jackson County Elections office or the Oregon county where you are registered. County Clerks and the Secretary of State are working on this issue, so stay tuned – we will pass on more information as it becomes available.

How can I volunteer?

Fill out the Rogue Valley Fire Relief Volunteers form online.  This will connect you to people and organizations that need your help.  For more information email

Any other questions? Find more information here:
for those displaced and for those who want to be of service