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Updated March 20, 2018

Talent Gateway Site Development Planning & Feasibility

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The Transportation and Growth Management (“TGM”) Program is a joint effort of the Oregon Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (“DLCD”). The purposes of the TGM program are to strengthen the capability of local governments to effectively manage growth and comply with the Transportation Planning Rule, to integrate transportation and land use planning, and to encourage transportation-efficient land uses that support modal choice and efficient performance of transportation facilities and services.
Talent Gateway Site Development Plan offers an opportunity for City of Talent and Talent Urban Renewal Agency (“TURA”) to plan for future development in a way that reduces transportation system demand. The concepts and plans for project area will be consistent with compact, mixed use, pedestrian-friendly, low-impact, and sustainable development.

Project Objectives and Outcomes
  • Develop a phased program for future mixed-use development that includes illustrative conceptual architectural and site plans consistent with TGM objectives and TURA’s development goals.
Annotated Map
  • Determine market feasibility of various types of community identified mixed-use development products in Project Area.
  • Determine economic feasibility of illustrative conceptual architectural and site plans consistent with City, TURA, and TGM objectives. Identify barriers to and potential incentives for development based on illustrative conceptual architectural and site plans.
  • Determine what off-site transportation improvements may be needed to accommodate and support mixed use development.

Project Management Team notes and presentations can be viewed by clicking the links below.  
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PMT Meeting #3

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Gateway Project in the News

Each month the Talent Urban Renewal Agency will publish a news article in the FLASH to explain and provide updates on the Gateway Project and to help residents understand the vision of Talent Urban Renewal.  You can follow the conversation by visiting the links to the FLASH below:

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