City of Talent Oregon / Community Development / Current Planning / Subdivision


SUB 2020-001
Applicant's Submittal
Notice of Public Hearing (Notice will be posted and published on 3/4/2020)

SUB 2018-003 & VAR 2018-001
Shadow Creek Estates Subdivision
Notice of Public Hearing (09/27/2018)
Notice of Public Hearing (rescheduled to 10/25/2018)
Agency and Public Comment
Planning Commission Staff Report
Proposed Final Order

Final Order (10/25/2018)
Notice of Decision (Appeal Period Ends: 11/12/2018)

SUB 2018-002
Marin Estates Subdivision (Accepted as complete:  06/20/2018)
Notice of Public Hearing (08/23/2018)
Applicant's Supplemental Submittals
Agency and Public Comment
Planning Commission Staff Report
Proposed Final Order

Final Order (08/27/2018)
Notice of Decision (Appeal Period Ends: 09/10/2018)

SUB 2018-001
Talent View Estates - Expedited Land Division (Accepted as complete:  05/07/2018)
Applicant's Supplemental Information (Received: 05/04/2018)
Request for Comments (Comment Period Ends: 05/21/2018 at 4:00 p.m.)
Public & Agency Comments (Comment Period Closed)
Expedited Land Division Staff Report and Decision (Appeal Period Ends:  7/20/18 at 4: 00 p.m.)

SUB 2016-001 (See also: CPA 2016-003, REZ 2016-001 & VAR 2016-001)
William Way - Subdivision & Variance Application (EX A)
Supplemental Info for Subdivision (EX B)
Non-Remonstrance Covenant & Concept Renderings (EX C)
Large Format Preliminary Plat & Subdivision Plans (EX D)
William Way - Comprehensive/Zoning Map Change Application (EX E)
Notice of Public Hearing (01/26/2017)
DLCD Notice
Planning Commission Staff Report (01/26/2017)
Public Comment
Planning Commission Staff Report (02/09/2017)
Proposed Final Order
Notice of Public Hearing (03/01/2017)

City Council Staff Report (03/01/2017)
Revised – Proposed City Council Final Orders 
(REZ 2016-001 & CPA 2016-003, SUB 2016-001 & VAR 2016-001)
Additions to Land Use Record (accepted into record 03/01/2017)
City Council Staff Report (03/08/2017)
City Council Staff Report (03/15/2017) 
Council Signed Final Orders (CPA 2016-003/REZ 2016-001)
Council Signed Final Orders (SUB 2016-001/VAR 2016-001)
Notice of Decision (LUBA Appeal Period Ends 4/10/17)
DLCD Notice of Adoption