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Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA)

The purpose of this project is to (a) update the City’s economic data, (b) develop a cohesive economic strategy and vision for the community, and (c) better define the City’s role in helping to achieve community economic development aspirations through specific policies and implementation measures.
The City of Talent last evaluated economic trends in a comprehensive manner in 2000 using data from the 1990 Census. This information is dated and does not account for the inclusion of multiple Urban Reserve Areas recently adopted as part of the regional plan for Southern Oregon.
With the potential inclusion of additional commercial and industrial lands into the incorporated limits of the City, the City of Talent’s Comprehensive Plan lacks any cohesive direction for where the community should be going in terms of economic development. Recent interest in larger scale industrial development provides the positive economic momentum needed to move the City of Talent forward, and there is clear community support for developing a coordinated economic vision.  The City recognizes that now is the time to actively engage with its partners to put together an economic strategy and vision for the community.  This will require a robust outreach and engagement effort and a strategy for pulling the various community initiatives together in manner that is conducive to the development of a cohesive economic development strategy. Staff with the City, Talent Chamber of Commerce, SOREDI and the community is prepared to assist in this regard.
Talent lacks an adequate supply of industrial land to entice larger industrial firms to the area. The 2000 amendment to the Economy Element of the Comprehensive Plan does not address the current economic environment and provides little in the way of direction for how the inadequacy is to be remedied. There is a considerable amount of underutilized commercial and industrial land within the City’s Limits as well as its Urban Growth Boundary.
Through this process, the City is looking to develop clear policies and implementation measures for providing an adequate 20 year land supply, including steps that it and/or its partners can take to position these underutilized properties so that they are more desirable and marketable.
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Meeting #2 PowerPoint Presentation
Draft Community Economic Development Objectives (4/27/16)
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Draft Community Economic Development Strategy (5/25/16)
Buildable Lands Inventory (BLI)
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