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Talent Community Center Energy Efficient

Below is a list of what we have so far:
  • Storm water detention system with water absorptive vegetation
  • Facility is Solar-Ready (Roof structure was designed to support future solar panels and empty conduits have been provided at attic)
  • Highly reflective roof shingles to reduce heat gain and save energy
  • High efficiency HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption
  • Energy Management system is controlled by building occupancy to reduce energy consumption
  • High windows that bring natural light deeper into rooms, reducing energy consumption
  • Energy efficient glazing systems to reduce heat gain and energy consumption
  • Low VOC materials such as flooring adhesives and paint
  • Shower & Bicycle parking to encourage environmentally friendly transportation
  • Entry vestibules to reduce energy consumption
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures and occupancy sensors for water conservation
  • Primarily native and drought tolerant landscaping
  • ORW & Adroit had LEED Accredited project participants (Dana Crawford and Ryan Beugli)