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Talent Urban Renewal Agency

TURAThe Talent Urban Renewal Agency was formed in 1991 as a long term investment strategy by the City to eliminate blight and deterioration and improve assessed values within a defined area in downtown Talent.
The Agency designs and builds streets, sidewalks and parks; replaces old water lines, puts some power lines underground, installs street lights and trees, builds parks and civic spaces, assists economic development and provides facade improvement grants for commercial and historic structures.
The Agency is managed by an Executive Director and governed by City Council. It is a separate legal and financial entity, with a financial structure different from that of city government.
The Agency receives a portion of local property taxes, calculated each year according to changes in assessed value within the urban renewal boundary. Funding for projects comes from the private sale of bonds, which are repaid with a portion of property tax revenue over the life of the Agency, or through short term borrowing. Currently, the Agency plans to have all projects completed and bonds paid off by July 17, 2019.

Current Projects:


2017-18 Adopted Budget

Annual Report

Contact Information:

Tom Corrigan, Executive Director
110 E. Main St.
POB 445
Talent, OR 97540
office: 541-535-1566
fax: 541-535-7423

1st and 3rd Wednesday 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall

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TURA Meeting Wednesday, December 06, 2017
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Agenda & Minutes  
TURA Study Session - Nov 15
TURA Meeting - Nov 15
TURA Meeting - Nov 1
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